16 03 2009

From the top of the pop charts this week come two videos with one aesthetic, hereby dubbed: divagalactica. Marked by strong shoulders, robotic accessories, high-cut legs and even higher stilettos, the videos exist in a future where women yield their cyborg sexuality as a weapon.

Beyoncé, aka Sasha Fierce, her booty-bouncing cash-hustling alter ego, has gotten quite a bit of press for the fashion parade that is “Diva”. The wardrobe is ripped from the runways, heavily relying on futurist Gareth Pugh for the constructed silhouette. The fringe sunglasses that she sports are rivaled in robo-glamor and dysfunction only by Lady GaGa’s screen specs.

Known for her consistently outrageous looks, Lady GaGa designs many of her own outfits, as seen in her video for “Poker Face”. The shoulder padded leotard theme continues, this time in candy colors. She is particularly fond of latex, trotting about town in custom cut suits. The latex look is the first to cross over into street culture, almost entirely thanks to American Apparel’s wet look leggings that can be seen at clubs across the country.
Indeed, latex seems to be everywhere, finding it’s newest poster girl in Silk Spectre II from this week’s number one box office blockbuster, Watchmen. The movie adaptation of the beloved graphic novel has been scrutinized by true blue comic fans, who undoubtedly have taken note of her new threads. Set in the 80’s, the plunging black lines and leg-liberating cut are dead-on diva.
In fact the superhero roots of the divagalactica trend can’t be ignored. Beyoncé reportedly fell for designer Thierry Mugler’s retro robo looks after attending the superhero themed gala at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute last year. She’s tapped the designer to create a wardrobe for her upcoming world tour that kicks off this month.




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25 03 2009

And what about the weird robotic partially-fingerless metallic glove worn in Single Ladies? Shouldn’t futuristic accessories serve some sort of Macgyver/Bond-esque purpose?

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