color: UV

4 03 2009

neon-dkny4As the fluorescent trend hits full throttle, designers are looking for ways to push the colors even further. This spring, they’ve done just that, amping up the colors by turning out the lights. Black light, or UV light, once popularized in psychedelic smoke shops and Roger Moore era Bond movies, has been used in three major fashion campaigns this season. Two of these, the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse and DKNY, are both nostalgia campaigns, employing the device to point back twenty years to the heart of the trend. Beyond the hot colors we are familiar with, there is a striking addition to the black light palette: blue. It is the very color of the UV light itself, at once deep and electric, blue and purple, which contrasts the familiar fluorescents, and breathes new life into the palette.




4 responses

4 03 2009
Aaron Britt

I’ve for sure seen this around, a kind of echo of the electroclash aesthetic from maybe 8 or 10 years ago. I saw a super lame video by Lady Gaga last night that seemed to be of a kind. A sort of not to Grace Jones and that look.

4 03 2009
Barbara Conahan

A strong possibility for sports clothing… Biking/runners/ triathletes… especially biking with an increase in ridership ( ie. the “green” factor and the economy)!

4 03 2009

I feel at home in the neon glow. Combine that with the animal print trend (see power is of Vogue) and I’m in heaven.

5 03 2009

word lizzy, neon+neutrals+anniprints=what i’ve been talking about! but how to pull off and not look like a cougar? haven’t sussed that one out yet…

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