Six Degrees of Bacon

19 02 2009

The recent wave of baconmania has overcome the Internet with the same undeniable, consuming aroma of the classic breakfast side. This month, San Francisco will see the first ever Baconcamp, a day long celebration of the beloved belly meat, with all proceeds going directly to the American Heart Association. Wondering about your hometown bacon festivals? Consider downloading the Bacon News iphone app. Bacon cuff links, bacon blogs, scented bacon suits; someone even tried to knit bacon ( yes it’s possible) While grabbing my morning cup of coffee at Dynamo donuts the other day, I was greeted by arguably the most imaginative breakfast pastry; their bacon maple donut. The most far reaching example of this craze was the nearly viral “bacon explosion” recipe. Fueled by it’s Superbowl appeal in January, it finally ended up the subject of a New York Times article towards the end of the month ( note ironic nytimes health banner at top of page). The unimaginable excess of a bacon lattice wrapped around pork sausage stuffed with, you guessed it, more bacon, is audacious in it’s fat content and it’s architecture. It’s America’s favorite sin on a plate. Gluttony (you thought it was greed? Think of the masses) embodied. And where as in the past, you might have sprung for t-bone steaks or spare ribs, bacon is lean on the wallet and relatively recession friendly. I haven’t done the math, but you might even be getting more fat per dollar than any other food product. Hopefully Michael J Nelson did his arithmetic. As we speak, he is engaging in a month long, bacon only diet, a la Morgan Spurlock. You can follow his ‘Month o’ Bacon on
Comfort food in America’s time of need. Let’s just hope the gym membership is still in the budget.

This just in: Baconnaise
I think I’m going to be sick




7 responses

4 03 2009
John Lowry

So I made the knit bacon, but two of them with cheese and veggies in between, then rolled the whole thing up. Lightly covered again with cheese. Cut it like a sushi roll and enjoy.

4 03 2009
Barbara Conahan

probably not going to go be big in SF or health conscious communities

4 03 2009

Bacon up that donut!

5 03 2009

Not until you bacon up that sausage, son.

5 03 2009

Have you tried bacon-covered chocolate? A strange experience to be honest. They have it at Bittersweet on Fillmore in SF.

7 03 2009

Bacon transcends trend. It is a staple.

17 03 2009

While bacon only plays a role here, it plays a pretty major role.

I think that its supposed to gross you out, but some of it looks awful good.

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